FAQ | Weekend Read 2

No. Weekend Read 2 never touches the original file.

Weekend Read always makes a copy, and keeps this copy stored in the app for safe-keeping. Once you’re done reading a document, you can delete it from Weekend Read. Your original copy will still be in Dropbox, or wherever you got it.

Your Library can hold up to four documents. If you need more space, you can upgrade Weekend Read at any time to store hundreds of files. Just tap on the question icon in the Library.

If you reset or replaced your iPhone, Weekend Read might not know that you’ve upgraded your Library. Navigate to Settings using the gear icon and choose Restore Purchases under the Subscriptions section. Weekend Read will talk to Apple’s servers and get it sorted. You won’t get charged again.

Weekend Read tries to show you common-sense names for files, but it doesn’t always guess right. Luckily, it’s easy to fix.

In the Library,tap and hold on the item or use the '...' menu. Choose "Edit Details." You can then rename the document to anything you'd like.

For screenplays, Weekend Read tries to create an Optimized View. But PDFs can vary a lot, and some simply refuse to be optimized.

Fortunately, you can always fall back on the original view. Just swipe left in the Reader View to see the PDF.

If you encounter a screenplay PDF that you think Weekend Read should be able to handle yet can’t, let us know. Tap the question icon in the Library and send us an email.

Every year, studios put up websites featuring some of their best screenplays. In the Awards Season category, we’re featuring some of these scripts.

Weekend Read doesn’t host any of these files; you're downloading them directly from the studio award sites. Because these links change, certain scripts may be available one day and gone the next.

These scripts come courtesy of the studios and their screenwriters. Let’s commend their generosity in sharing their work and be respectful of the service they’re offering.

We have a lot of ideas, but we could use your help figuring out what we should focus on next. You can reach us via email or Twitter.